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Shop Vac International, Inc. Online Shop for Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaners and Accessories.

Welcome to Shop Vac, the International Online Shop for Wet and Dry vacuum cleaners, accessories and other products.

As the world’s leading Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner producer for over 50 years Shop Vac offer a wide range of high quality products at highly competitive prices.

With factories in the United States of America and in China, Shop Vac continue to dominate the Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner market.

Our products supply value for money solutions to a multitude of cleaning challenges, from use in the home, garage or basement to those in the commercial and industrial sector.

To support our extensive and high quality Wet and Dry vacuum cleaner range, we offer a full range of accessories available to be purchased Online.  These include collection bags, cartridge filters, foam filters and a full range of hoses, brushes and nozzles.

Our Online Shop offers a full range of products and accessories and we hope that you enjoy visiting our site.  If you require any further information or assistance, then please don’t hesitate in calling us on +43 (0) 3182 34405 or by email on